Yes, there are certain similarities between them. The long-haired Tonali made a name for himself in Brescia, as did Pirlo, who became the favorite of the Mario Rigamonti stands. But we tend to agree with the player himself, who rejects all comparisons. “We only have similar hairstyles!” He says.

“They say he is my successor, but I don’t see many similarities,” Andrea himself confirms. “He is a player of a different plan. He is better both in defense and at the beginning of attacks. He has both my characteristics and elements from many others. ”

Don’t forget that the Milan fan Tonali idolized Gennaro Gattuso as a child, not Pirlo. Physically, he is much stronger, and he likes to use this strength in confrontation with the opponent’s attackers. He himself admits that he also does not know how to do Pirlo’s proprietary radio-controlled transmissions – well, not yet. When friends showed him a video in which the great midfielder praises Tonali, he did not know how to respond.

“I have no words,” he admitted in an interview with Sportweek. – All I can say is thank you. I would really like to learn from him. His long passes, accurate to the millimeter … I know that with the right sacrifices I can get to the top. I have not yet reached half of my capabilities, and I am sure that everything is still ahead. ”

On this, Pirlo also agrees with him. “He is the most promising midfielder. He is destined to be great.”

It is for this reason that Sandro Tonali’s move to Milan cannot be ignored. He may well become fateful.

Первое упущение Конте. Почему переход Сандро Тонали в «Милан» еще аукнется «Интеру»

In 2011, Gianluigi Buffon met with Adriano Galliani, co-owner of Milan, and the first thing he said to him was “thank you” for that he allowed Juventus to acquire Pirlo. “You really tried to bring balance to the league.”

In fact, the effect of that deal was exactly the opposite: from that moment on, the Turinans became the only force in Serie A, while everyone else only got weaker. With a great midfielder, Juve moved up from seventh to first. Pirlo himself was named player of the year several times.

Even though the Italian left in 2015, even the current Juventus owes a lot to his achievements. Well, the Rossoneri … still cannot recover from that mistake. Or … who knows? At one time, they already refused the eight-year-old Tonali, but in 2020 this, one more, mistake was corrected. This month, Milan officially formalized the player’s loan for 10 million euros, and a year later they will complete the signing for 25 million (plus 10 million in potential bonuses).

Milan are happy with such a signing, but at Inter …

One can understand the anger of the fans, who were not shy in expressions after their team was deprived of perhaps the most important potential gain. Buffs that the Nerazzurri have been interested in for a very long time. They not only missed Tonali, but also “gave” him to their sworn enemies!

You can gossip for a long time what exactly made the club change its mind. In Italy, coaches have much less control over transfers than in England, but we have no doubts that the decision to abandon the attempts to sign Tonali belongs to Antonio Conte. It was a bold move that could very well affect his future at Inter.

Two weeks ago, the eccentric coach held talks with President Stephen Jan about his teamwork. It took the Tribunal three hours to come to a decision: Conte remains for another year.

The next day, it was about transfers. And at this meeting, Conte openly announced his desire to sign Arturo Vidal, not Tonali, thereby confirming that he is interested in instant success, and not the gradual growth of the team in the long term.

Maybe he’s right. After all, we are talking about a coach who rarely holds his position for long. But Inter may still regret that he listened to a specialist who, quite possibly, is more interested in his own success than the future of the club.

Vidal is now 33 years old. He is no longer the player who helped Juve take one scudetto after another, although he remains a strong footballer – and a huge fan of Conte’s methods.

“He is not a coach, he is a machine! Tactically, there is no one better than him. He knew how to adapt my talents to his style of play. ”

Первое упущение Конте. Почему переход Сандро Тонали в «Милан» еще аукнется «Интеру»

You could argue that the true champion Vidal will bring into the dressing room the very winning mentality that Inter lacks. But fans always think about the future of their team. And now they cannot but fear that their most hated enemy has received a footballer at their disposal, who can transform Milan in the future.

They can be understood: Gianluigi Donnarumma (21 years old), Theo Hernandez ( 22), Alessio Romagnoli (25), Ismael Bennasser (22), Frank Kessier (23) and Ante Rebić (26).

This is a young team that is hardly ready to become a champion yet, but its sporting director Paolo Maldini clearly understands what he is doing. Soon the stars will turn into stars, and then we will contemplate a completely different Milan.

So yes, Tonali may not be the “new Pirlo”, but he still remains a player who can do what Buffon once hoped for – balancing the league. And it will play into the hands of everyone … except Conte.

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