The tour turned out to be incomplete due to the cancellation of the Rostov – Rotor match. The Volgograd newcomer remains at the mercy of the coronavirus, and was unable to take part in the second consecutive calendar match. Recall that in the previous round, Rotor failed to host Krasnodar, which turned out to be the fifth defeat of the season for the team of Alexander Khatskevich. And the failure to attend the game with the Donetsk side, no doubt, will result in the sixth fiasco for Rotor. Fortunately, now the rule on the withdrawal of a club from the tournament after two no-shows is not in effect. The reason is the unpredictability of the coronavirus situation.

Meanwhile, Zenit lost its sole leadership in the RPL table, having failed to win in the third match from the start of the championship. This was used by “Spartak”, who managed to overtake the St. Petersburg team. And at the top of the tournament peloton there are two clubs at once. Dual power!

Tournament table of the Russian Premier League

Scythe found on the Ural stone

Zenit ”Went to Yekaterinburg to“ Ural ”in the status of a favorite. And already in the 4th minute, he confirmed his position, scoring a goal through the efforts of Dziuba. Everything would be fine, but the main goalscorer of the St. Petersburg team distinguished himself with the transfer of Krugovoy, having fallen into a 100% offside trap before that. The match referee first canceled the goal, and then resorted to using the VAR, and eventually allowed Zenit to come forward.

Двоевластие и четыре преследователя. В РПЛ состоялся 8-й тур

Savoring the situation with Dziuba’s goal for a long time is not worth it, because in the moment there is not even a special subject for investigation. But there is a clear offside position for the Zenit striker. To the credit of the team from Yekaterinburg, it did not break in such a situation, but, on the contrary, seemed to have hardened, and in the 69th minute restored parity in the score (Panyukov scored) – 1: 1. To the delight of most of the 13,488 spectators who attended the game, Ural was able to maintain a positive result for itself in the match against the reigning champion and leader of the season until the final whistle.

Spartak’s success despite

When “Spartak” in Kazan went to the match against “Rubin”, he already knew about Zenit’s misfire, because it took place a day earlier. However, it is difficult to understand to what extent the players of the Moscow team were motivated by the failure to win before this sole leader. However, they played a rather controversial match against Kazan, although they achieved victory in it.

Rubin surpassed Spartak in ball possession (55% versus 45%), and noticeably “shot” (13 in general, and seven accurate against one accurate out of three for the guests). However, Domenico Tedesco’s wards worked hard in the implementation and managed to win 2: 0 with their only aimed “shot”. Paradox! But it seems that the current “Spartak” is exactly like that.

Larsson scored in the 4th minute, and on the 21st – Merkulov scored with a cross. In the remaining three quarters of the match, there were no scoring actions in the match. And “Spartak” was able to take away from Kazan their fifth victory in the championship.

CSKA at a winning minimum …

Five wins already and CSKA is in the asset, but the “army men” are only third in the table, although they are one point behind the leaders’ duet. Wins in bets can provide you with preparation for them. The Parimatch blog has a lot of cool articles like this one – However, fans of the “army” should be encouraged by something else: Viktor Goncharenko’s team won in the third match in a row. No other club in the RPL has such a series today.

Двоевластие и четыре преследователя. В РПЛ состоялся 8-й тур

CSKA won three points in Ufa convincingly and with a good margin. The final result 1: 0 is not a full-fledged reflection of the advantage of the Muscovites over the Ufa players. CSKA players had twice as much possession of the ball (64% versus 36%), struck 16 shots on goal against 10 of the hosts, and their goals were achieved by ten attempts against one of the team of Vadim Evseev. The defense of the Bashkortostanians could not cope in the middle of the second half only with the blow of Bistrovich, who was assisted by Chalov.

… Lokomotiv and Dynamo – too

Similar victories with a score of 1 : 0 in the round were marked by the Moscow “railroad” and the Dynamo. But their winnings turned out differently in their own way. Although, say, Lokomotiv beat Tambov in a manner similar to CSKA.

Двоевластие и четыре преследователя. В РПЛ состоялся 8-й тур

Marko Nikolic’s team scored an early goal when Smolov scored on the 7th minute, and by the final whistle , although it had a minimal advantage, but in terms of play it really dominated. No joke, the “wolves” from Tambov, with 44% possession of the ball, were able to “shoot” with only one, albeit accurate, blow for the entire 90 minutes. On the other hand, the “railroad workers” struck 10 strikes on their patrimony, and six of them turned out to be aimed.

But “Dynamo” beat “Akhmat” in their field not by skating like that. Through the efforts of Ordets’ defender, the White-Blues scored the only winning goal in stoppage time. In addition, in the 80th minute Grozny remained with ten men after the removal of Bogosovats. This gave reason for Akhmat’s mentor Andrey Talalaev after the game to clearly point out this moment in the match, and then wish the Moscow team success in European competitions. Let us remind you that Dynamo lost to Tbilisi Lokomotiv (1: 2) in the second qualifying round of the Europa League and dropped out of the further struggle. TT – subtle trolling! Check its level for yourself.

Krasnodar extravaganza

The players of Krasnodar, who were visited by Khimki, showed their unbelievable scoring irresistibility within their native walls. RPL newcomer thoroughly fails his debut in the “elite”. But, it would seem, not to such an extent as to get the nuts on the full program with a score of 2: 7.

As part of the Moscow Region team, Koryan resisted as best he could, scoring a double. But before his first effective hit in the match against Khimki, goals from Berg and Klasson had already arrived. And with an encouraging result for the guests (a draw 2: 2), the beating continued in the form of Klasson’s second goal and accurate shots from Villene, Cabella, Utkin and Suleimanov. In general, the “bulls” were annealed in full, and now with 17 goals in eight matches (however, let’s not forget about the technical 3: 0 in the game with “Rotor”) they are the most productive team in the championship.

“Modest” Tula five

Against the background of performance in Krasnodar, the game between Arsenal and Sochi, which brought five goals, looks like an easy golepad. The southerners soared high enough in the standings, therefore, they arrived in Tula not as an underdog, but as contenders for victory as the hosts. And the wards of Vladimir Fedotov began the duel boldly – with a goal from Noboa in the 10th minute. However, even before the break, the goals of Tkachev and Kangwa turned the match in favor of the “gunsmiths.”

In the second half, the rivals exchanged goals and eventually signed for the victory of Arsenal with a score of 3: 2. She allowed the Tula to climb a little, leaving the camp of outsiders, and Sochi lost for the first time in the championship. This led to the disappearance of the last zero in the Russian Premier League standings. Nothing lasts forever!

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