Goalkeeper’s work is thankless! You can be wildly talented and cool in the frame, but be in the shadow of the more eminent and popular keeper playing at the base. Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez had to wait for his chance exactly since he left his homeland, Argentina, back in 2010.

For many years, he was simply not noticed and did not give the Argentinean a defining role in club. However, Emiliano did not lose heart and continued to wait for his chance, which nevertheless presented itself. Martinez won the status quo after Bernd Leno was injured against Brighton.

And the Argentine did an excellent job with the role of the main goalkeeper of Arsenal. During his brief start, Martinez has already won the FA Cup, adding 8 Premier League games to it. In these eight fights, the Gunners left their gates intact three times and conceded only 7 times – for a bad London defense, such a segment can be considered quite successful.

In London, Amy was never counted on

Martinez joined Arsenal in 2010. Then Amy was still quite a youngster (17), and his move from his native “Independiente” to north London promised the guy great prospects. However, the move to Arsenal was marked for the Argentine not by an incendiary game as a base, but by a whole series of nondescript leases to English underdogs. In 2012, the young Argentine traveled to humble Oxford, playing his first match at the start only at the very end of the Ligue 2 season against Port Vale.

Amy’s debut for Arsenal came in the League Cup win against Coventry City (6-1). But the first shaky hopes for the best for the Argentine appeared only in the 2014/15 season, when Martinez received a whole series of opportunities to prove himself. Despite his rather modest status in that team (the place of the third goalkeeper after Wojciech Szczesna and David Ospina), Amy still got his chance and spent his first serious segment at Arsenal.
Without any formalities, Amy was there and then went to the very mouth, in the most difficult Champions League match against the formidable Borussia. As a result, the “Gunners” chalked up a landslide victory (2: 0), and Martinez dried his first “cracker” in European competition.

The debut in Europe was even too virtuoso for the Argentinean and after him Amy got immediately several possibilities in the games of the Premier League. However, despite some pretty good performances, Martinez was again exiled on loan, this time to Rotherham United. And then there was his, again, not so successful voyage to Wolverhampton, where Amy also got an injury, having only 15 fights in the 15/16 campaign.

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Martinez’s career seemed to be hanging by a thread and Amy’s dreams of a stable game at Arsenal were slowly fading away. Even more disappointing was his next loan, this time to Spanish Getafe, where he played only 5 games in the 17/18 season. However, the next step literally saved the Argentine goalkeeper’s career. “Reading” gave a helping hand, where Amy finally caught the courage and gave a really cool segment. The Royalists retained their residence in the Championship, and the current goalkeeper of the Gunners also played a significant role in this salvation.

After such heroic performances in Reading, Martinez was called up to the role of Bernd Leno’s understudy with the promise that Amy could receive playing practice in cup meetings. And the Argentine did not fail to take advantage of such a long-awaited chance, and Emirates finally saw the devoted Gunner back in business.

Off the pitch Martinez has taken on the role of a mentor who has already helped Martinelli and Torreira settle into Arsenal.

Difficult start

Emiliano is another example of an Argentinean who has experienced all the vicissitudes of a poor childhood. A huge role in its formation belongs to the father, who worked for wear and tear only in order to buy gloves for his beloved son, who, literally, raved about football. Then Amy promised him that he would be the best and one day become number one in the long-adored Arsenal. And yet he did not lie!

Martinez maintained good relations with the legendary Arsene Wenger, who repeatedly called him “the future of the club”. And how cool that Amy did play, albeit only 10 years after his arrival in North London.

“I showed the club that I can play for them, and when I will be back next season , I will need to play more matches. Only on such conditions will I stay at Arsenal. My goal is to solidify my place at Arsenal and become the number one Argentina national team. I will not stop until I achieve this, and if I don’t play for Arsenal, then obviously I will leave. ”
Now Emiliano speaks in much more confident and serious tones. Obviously, Martinez wants to play even more and prove himself not only in the club, but also in the national team in the coming season. But whether the Argentinean will succeed in gaining a place from the more stable and hype Leno is a big question, but something tells me that this tale of Amy is approaching its epilogue, although it was extremely short and seductive.

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