In recent years, it is customary only to laugh at Everton, and especially loud laughter comes from neighbors from the championship Anfield. And the Reds have a really good reason. Each new season the “toffee” continue to dream of a place in the “elite” six, but every time the team lacks something. Either there is a lack of a high-quality ambitious coach (since 2016, 7 different specialists have worked at Everton), or injuries interfere and the “toffee” simply lacks staff.Four years ago, the Iranian billionaire Farhad Moshiri entered the club and provided Everton with a series of high-profile, expensive crossings. During this time, “toffee” spent over 500 million on transfers, but the trophies are still stubbornly bypassing them. Their absence, of course, can be attributed to outrageous competition, but the Blues have already picked up a pretty decent lineup (their price tag is in the top 7 Premier League).

Everton’s results in the championship were rather bleak … Best performance – 7th place in the 2016/17 season, and the worst hit the “toffee” in the last English campaign – only a dull 12th line. It seems that the blues are wasting cash completely (sales to purchases ratio: minus 212.6 million). But this is only partly true, and here’s why.

First, Everton constantly sold leaders. John Stones (at City for 55.6 million), Romelu Lukaku (at Manchester United for 84.7 million), Ross Barkley (at Chelsea for 16.8 million), Idrissa Geye (at PSG for 30 million) – all of them seriously weakened the “blues” in the struggle for the “elite”. But look at the price tags! Toffees made several really expensive deals, all against the backdrop of outright laughter in the direction of the club’s transfer policy. Of course, some of the transitions frankly did not justify themselves, but at least they know how to sell “toffee”.

Secondly, transfer failures like Yanik Bolasi, Shenk Tosun or Davy Klassen have been deposited in the memory of many, but for some reason they do not recall the high-profile successes, of which there were also not a few. Brazilian Bernard was signed as a free agent, a modest 8.5 million was given for Idriss Geye, and the wildly progressing Calvert-Lewin was spotted at Sheffield and taken for only 1.8 million.

Many were shocked by Richarlison’s expensive purchase for 50 million. But is this a failure? Now he costs twice as much and is one of the best young strikers in the Premier League. And this, not yet remembering that Everton is great at integrating their guys from the academy. Recent examples are Tom Davis and Jonjo Kenny.

Third, Everton has been constantly rushing about in search of the perfect manager. Seven different mentors in 4 years is really a bit too much, but now the team is led by the legend of the coaching department Carlo Ancelotti. And this cool Italian has almost done the impossible. Right after the arrival of Ancelotti, Everton scored 17 points in 8 games. In this segment, only prime Liverpool took more, and the toffee got close to Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal and Wolverhampton. But dreams of Europe were immediately trampled by a lack of personnel and a lack of strength at the end of the championship.

Fourthly, often the “blues” were simply unlucky and rather serious injuries intervened. In November 2019, Andre Gomes suffered a terrible turnaround. Sleep sobbed and could not believe that he had caused the Portuguese so much pain. In August, defensive midfielder Jean-Philippe Gbamin was injured, whom the “toffee” bought from “Mainz” for 25 million to replace the departed Geye – flew out for several months. Gomes recovered, and Gbamin had a relapse in training – another flight, this time before the end of May. And closer to the summer, he received a third injury and, it seems, will not return soon.

And now let’s turn again to the Blues’ transfer budget, or rather to its balance. Obviously, it is negative (–212.6 million), but it can be easily repaired by selling Richarlison, Luc Dinh, Moise Keene and Yerri Mina. But this is hardly what the Blues’ fans want. Many players bought in the era of Moshiri are still in the club, which means that they should not be counted as failures yet. Of course, the selection of “toffee” is not so ideal, but who, in principle, works without mistakes in modern football?

Каждый год мы ждем возвращения великого «Эвертона». Но в предстоящем сезоне у «ирисок» может все получится

But now everything can change. “Everton” only increased its power and cranked three quality transitions at once. Ancelotti wanted Allan, whom he crossed paths with in Napoli ¬– done. Wished to work with, already familiar from Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, James – welcome! The third newcomer – the midfielder of the relegated Watford Dukure – is also quite capable of strengthening the base. The Toffees closed the midfield issue to avoid the nightmare they had in the previous season.

However, the rivals are also on the alert and in full swing preparing for a new campaign. City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal have definitely not lost power. Leicester and Wolverhampton can show their teeth too, and Everton will have to try hard to be at least in the top six at the end of the 2020/21 season.

So what! Why shouldn’t Everton be fired up to justify the Iranian millions invested. The “butterscotch” has a wonderful mentor, who is fully trusted by the management, a classy staff, ready for new achievements, and even a new stadium is being built for 52 thousand. This is what Everton’s squad could be like this season. With the exception of Bailey, who looks to stay at Bayer, they managed to sign everyone they wanted. The depth of the composition at Carlo Ancelotti is now also impressive.

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