Year after year we see how everyone’s favorite and cult game on consoles and PCs FIFA slides into the abyss due to the greed and negligence of the developers in relation to the players. Already in October, a new part of the football simulator from EA Sports will be released, where all fans of the series expected to contemplate a new engine, animation and a new level of realism, but Canadians had a different opinion.

In addition to the fact that the gameplay component was not has not changed for a couple of years, so now on the network users began to discuss the ratings of football players, which turned out to be quite controversial. It even went so far that famous players began to criticize Electronic Arts on their social networks. Has everyone’s favorite game hit the bottom, or is FIFA not worthy of a hat? Let’s figure it out.

Aubameyangu and Lukaku ratings downgraded

It’s no secret that in the past 2019/20 season one of the top scorers (besides Immobile, Lewandowski and Ronaldo) were Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Romelu Lukaku. The Arsenal forward scored 29 goals and provided 3 assists in 44 games in all competitions, while the Inter forward scored 40 goals + pass for the club in 51 games. Think the Gabonese and the Belgian got their cards upgraded? It was not there.

Aubameyangu was downgraded by 1 point to 86, while Lukaku was left unchanged (85). The players’ indignation reached the point that they wrote on Twitter not very flattering words about their characteristics in the new part of FIFA.

On Foothead (the main site for Ultimate Team), Aubameyang’s card is the most negative of all. It is unlikely that the forward himself was guilty: rather, it is an ardent disagreement with EA. “It’s just a shame. Who else on this planet thought of downgrading it? ” “The fact that Thiago has a lower rating than Henderson and Pogba is no longer so absurd. I’m a United fan and I think Aubameyang’s rating is just a shame. ”

Speed ​​of Gnabry and Sancho

Serge Gnabry and Jadon Sancho were next to be hit by EA Sports. The best wingers of the German championship and some of the most popular players in FIFA, very unexpectedly, received a downgrade in speed. The German and the Englishman are among the fastest players in real life (34.76 km / h and 34.50 km / h, respectively).

Both players had great seasons: Gnabry won the treble and was one of the leaders of Bayern attacks, and Sancho became the best goal + pass in the Bundesliga, however, with an increase in the rating on the cards, the players got a big disadvantage in speed (by 8 and 5 points, respectively). But Lazio forward Ciro Immobile became faster than young wingers, although in reality his maximum speed did not exceed 29 km / h in his entire career.

It should also be noted that the Englishman from Borussia has a rating 87, but the hit rate is only 74. Electronic Arts, do you think Sancho can’t hit? Or 17 goals don’t count in the Bundesliga? Shame, you won’t say anything.

Unexpected additions in rating or characteristics

Let’s start with Atlético’s defensive midfielder Marcos Llorente, who suddenly got a 2-point increase in his card rating. But this fact is not so controversial, but what characteristics the developers “drew” for him. The Spaniard got a 26 speed boost! points, 24 hit, 6 hit, 9 dribbling, 1 defense and 9 physics. Now the midfielder has a punch on par with Sancho, and the speed is higher than the above-mentioned Sancho and Gnabry. How did this happen? Only EA Sports knows the answer.

Liverpool defender Fabinho had a very solid last season, so in FIFA 21 he got a 2 point rating upgrade to 87! It seems that everything is logical and why would people have questions about this, but there is one big BUT. “Facial characteristics” (the sum of all indicators on the card) fell in the Brazilian in comparison with the previous part of the game. How is this possible? It’s worth asking the Canadian developers.

FIFA 21 сошла с ума. Самая спорная раздача рейтингов в новой части культового футбольного симулятора

I left you strange upgrades in FIFA 21 for the final. I wanted to analyze in detail the fact that Henderson has a higher rating than Thiago Alcantara, who won the treble and was the chief conductor of Bayern Munich last season, but here’s a better example. Again the players of the Merseyside and Munich clubs. Giorginho Wijnaldum received an increase in the overall rating to 85, but the attacking midfielder Thomas Müller remained unchanged in the new part of the football simulator (86).

The German scored 40 points on the goal + pass system in all tournaments throughout the last campaign. while the Dutchman is only 6+, he is not an extremely important player for Liverpool, unlike Muller.

Many are also surprised by the physics of Ronaldo – 77. Alfonso Davis did not even make it into the top 20 fullbacks in the world. We can talk about errors and incomprehensible characteristics from EA Sports for a very long time, but the developers could get away with it if they did, like their main competitors from Konami with their brainchild PES. They did not dare to sell the “new part” of the game, but released a “seasonal update”, which costs not $ 70, but only $ 30. Japanese game makers did not want to deceive their users, since the new part of the series had no significant updates, except for the forms and compositions , that’s why such a low price.

As for FIFA 21, I recommend that you skip this part, as there will be only new squads, but all the same bugs and problems with servers will remain. Yesterday we already announced the official release of the PS5, where the next generation games with a powerful engine will go, so it’s worth waiting out a year and taking a break from online matches, because of which joysticks break and nerves spoil. In a year it will be clear whether the work on the mistakes has been done or not, but for now – watch football and play it on the field.

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