Zenit and Spartak retained their leading positions, having marked victories. Took three points and Rostov. But the rest of the group of leaders of the Russian Premier League table slowed down a little. In general, outsiders really slow down. However, with the exception of Khimki, who took the premier victory in the Russian elite.Russian Premier League standings

Victory initiative of the Moscow Region

Let’s start with the main one at the bottom. Khimki won. For the first time since returning to the RPL! The co-author of the historic achievement of the team from the Moscow region was the capital “Dynamo”, which dropped by the “Khimki Arena”. The hosts didn’t meet the guests with checkers. This was fraught with great trouble for them. And so, the charges of the new coach of the team Igor Cherevchenko played the second number, and it turned out great for them. Before the break, the Khimki players delivered only two aimed strikes at the Dynamo goal, but one of them – in the 19th minute performed by Lomovitsky – became effective. 1: 0.

На троих, или при своих. Клубы РПЛ провели матчи 9-го тура

Both before the goal and after it, Dynamo dominated noticeably, but could not break the opponents’ defense. It was paradoxical, but somewhat natural, since three points were more needed by Khimki, which means that their motivation was higher. As a result, Dynamo lost. For the third time in the championship, and for the second – in the last three fights. The failure, as you know, turned out to be fatal for the team’s coach Kirill Novikov, who had already left his post.

St. Petersburg Irresistibility

Zenit also won at home. However, Sergei Semak’s team won in his 100th match at the head of the team that was quite expected. Ufa was deliberately doomed to a fiasco, but could not avoid major disappointment. 6: 0 – residents of St. Petersburg had plenty of frolic.

Dziuba flashed with an unstoppable goal in the ranks of the RPL champions, who scored a hat-trick – the third in his career as a Zenit player. It is worth noting Azmun’s double, as well as Sutormin’s goal, who came out at the end of the match as a substitute. To the credit of the Ufa team, they held out at the very least until the 72nd minute, losing 0: 3. Well, and then they unstuck in full up to six conceded goals.

Ayrton’s winning double

The ending of the second half attracted an increased attention and in the match “Tambov” with “Spartak”. From the first minutes Domenico Tedesco’s team acted from a position of strength, had a lot of ball possession, created threats to the wolves’ goal, but could not hit them in any way. Only in the 75th minute Ayrton’s strike reached the goal. Nine minutes later, the Brazilian defender of the “red-whites” scored the second goal.

For the double Ayrton may well “write out” gratitude to the goalkeeper of “Tambov” Chagrov, who in the moment simply lost the gate. 2: 0 – Spartak took three points from Saransk and managed to stay on top of the peloton next to Zenit.

Hashimoto’s victorious Banzai

“Rostov” also won the round and retained its status as the main pursuer of the two leaders. Valery Karpin’s team started the away match against Arsenal for the peace, having conceded already on the 9th minute from Kangwa. However, even before the break, the Donetsk team restored parity (Chernov scored), and after two goals from Hashimoto, they practically removed the question of their victory.

На троих, или при своих. Клубы РПЛ провели матчи 9-го тура

The second half of the game was remembered by another removal of Glebov ( Three days earlier, the young midfielder left the field in the 68th minute of the Europa League qualification match against Maccabi from Haifa) and the first goal after returning to Tula from Dynamo Kiev by Kadiri Mohammed. 3: 2 – Rostov won.

Under the hot hand of Smolov and Co.

Having won in Tula, the Donetsk team brought their series of matches without failures to six. Meanwhile, CSKA Moscow stumbled after three victories in a row. “CSKA” were puzzled in the Moscow derby by “Lokomotiv” – 0: 1. Apparently, it is doubly insulting to the team of Viktor Goncharenko that the fiasco happened to them in their native walls.

And also: CSKA, apparently, unsuccessfully fell under the arm of the “railroad workers” who, under Marko Nikolic, gave out their best game. The guests of VEB Arena played in a compact and well-coordinated manner, boldly and in an organized manner, which resulted in the only winning goal by Smolov at the last minute of the first half. An accurate blow from the 30-year-old striker was enough for Lokomotiv to win, which brought the team one step closer to the top three, or now it is just a leading trio.

На троих, или при своих. Клубы РПЛ провели матчи 9-го тура

Hot southern derby

Sochi and Krasnodar, having met tete-a-tete on Fishte, gave out a really hot confrontation. It turned out to be an excellent setting in the form of Noboa’s goal from the penalty spot already in the 4th minute. This helped the Sochi people go on hiatus, leading the score. And after the rest followed, so to speak, “the main course.”

At the 55th minute, the referee Karasev for the second warning removed the owners from the field Zaika. This hurt and turned on the Sochi mentor Vladimir Fedotov. As a result, he got a red card from the referee. Having gained a numerical advantage, Krasnodar players restored parity in the 59th minute (Petrov scored) – 1: 1.

На троих, или при своих. Клубы РПЛ провели матчи 9-го тура

The final part of the second half was marked by tireless movement on the field everything and everything in the direction of the gate “Sochi”. However, Dzhanaev and his comrades did not flinch, and in the end they got out of a difficult situation with honor, having achieved a positive result.

Rotor’s already playing dive

Finally, he got out of coronavirus isolation “Rotor”, who lost in the last three rounds without even appearing on the field. The residents of Volgograd accepted the Rubin at home, but were again forced to capitulate. True, now not in the offices of the RFU, but on the field.

The guests from Kazan did not find it difficult to show the current disassembly of the team of Alexander Khatskevich. Now “Rotor” is completely unprepared for a positive solution to the problem of retaining a place in the RPL. Rubin’s players were full-fledged hosts of the meeting (73% of the ball versus 27%), and when Manucharyan was sent off from the hosts at the beginning of the second 45-minute, the final victory of the guests was just an empty formality. 1: 3 – “Rotor”, I must admit, got off easy.

На троих, или при своих. Клубы РПЛ провели матчи 9-го тура

“Ural” got off easily in Grozny. The final 2: 0 in favor of “Akhmat” could have been a major victory 3: 0, but Ilyin missed the penalty in the 39th minute. Although, the guests from Yekaterinburg were still not as powerless as they might seem. Yes, the first half in their performance was shocking (they did not execute a single blow, but received eight threats from the hosts at once with three accurate “shots”). But after the rest, the Urals acted differently, but, however, only when the outcome of the match was beyond doubt.

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