Two months ago, Jose Mourinho refused to acknowledge the possibility that his Tottenham will make some kind of high-profile purchase. The Portuguese, I wave my hand, promised only “small changes” and no “one hundred million players” for you. And everyone believed him: we are talking about a traditionally stingy club that was preparing to lose 200 million pounds due to the pandemic.

Fast forward the time, and now it’s September on the calendar, and Gareth Bale is posing in a Spurs T-shirt – one of the most expensive football players on the planet. The man who cost Real Madrid one hundred million euros, and who earned 600 thousand pounds a week.

How is it possible that the owner Daniel Levy can afford to spend so much?

To begin with, Tottenham never hoped to sign the Welshman permanently. Most of the talk was about rent – and about the percentage of the salary that will be paid to him. In fact, Londoners will pay about half of what Bale receives in Madrid, that is, £ 300,000. It’s still a lot – more precisely, 100 thousand pounds more than the highest paid stars Tanguy Ndombele and Harry Kane receive. Thus, the deal will cost Spurs “some” 12 million pounds. According to our sources, this figure is actually closer to 15 million. Still reasonable.

Compare this deal with the purchase of Ndombele last summer. Lyon received £ 55.5 million for it – not to mention the potential £ 9.2 million in bonuses. Even cooler, the midfielder received a six-year contract and £ 200,000 a week (over £ 10m a year). Six years since Tanguy equals 60 million!

Everything, of course, is not so simple. In France, the British bought a talented player who could help the team achieve new successes. Bale, on the other hand, is a 31-year-old on loan who is barely capable of hitting. Moreover: potentially “spurs” can still sell the Frenchman to someone for even more money, although at the moment such a development of events is hard to believe. Be that as it may, paying $ 15 million for Bale seems like a much less risky – and costly – endeavor.

Many began to say that Levy had promised otherwise, and talked a lot about the club’s financial woes. That, they say, the purchase of Bale goes against these words. In fact, no, quite the contrary. Tottenham don’t overpay. Considering that in the 2018/19 season, the team’s salary fund was, in percentage terms, the lowest in the league, it can be assumed that the Londoners have the money for the salaries.

Paradoxically, the acquisition of Sergio Regilon is more surprising. … “Real” for the deal received 30 million euros – or 27 million pounds. This is the biggest waste in this summer window. It may seem that the Portuguese coach was cunning, and in fact, Levi is more than willing to go into debt and spend money. But dig deeper, and it turns out that Tottenham’s deals were very smart – and not at all costly.

Pierre-Emile Heibjerg from Southampton and Matt Doherty from Wolverhampton joined Spurs this summer. Wanderers ”, but they didn’t cost that much. As part of the Heybjerg deal, Kyle Walker-Peters headed in the opposite direction, so the issue is unlikely to exceed £ 5 million. Doherty was also inexpensive – only 15 million pounds. Joe Hart went over as a free agent altogether.

Do you think that’s all? In fact, Mourinho is still looking forward to new acquisitions, more specifically a new defender to center and center forward. All eyes are on the other leagues, as one purchase of Ollie Watkins (which cost Aston Villa £ 28m) was enough to show how overvalued the players in England were.

Finding a partner for Kane won’t be easy, though. Nominations were considered for Alexander Serlot, Habib Diallo, Bas Dost, Wout Weghorst and Mbaye Nyang, but none of them came up in the end.

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In total, taking into account all the enhancements of the “spurs”, that transfer window cost them £ 50m. Not a small thing, but not an incredible amount either. Except for Walker-Peters, Tottenham couldn’t fail to sell anyone. Aurier could have ended up in Milan, but the Italians changed their minds. Moscow “Spartak” is interested in a new defender, but so far has not been active. Ndombele could be sold – if there were interested parties.

Even if it didn’t work out, Tottenham has strengthened, which is important. However, he did not spend a single cent of the £ 175 million borrowed from the Bank of England. The terms of the loan strictly prohibited the use of this money for transfers, and Levy did not violate anything.

It was very helpful that he managed to finish the interrupted previous season. In May, the Premier League calculated that if the season ended, the league would have to pay broadcasters £ 330 million, rather than £ 762 million, which would have to be abandoned if completely canceled. Better yet, payments can be made up to 2022. As for the Spurs, thanks to their sixth place, they received about 150 million pounds per season.

Returning to Bale, we still don’t know how to answer the main question – why, after so many years of saving and focusing on young people, Levi decided to spend money on the 31-year-old outlaw of Real Madrid? No, the point is hardly that he is “his”. It’s just that Bale is a world-renowned champion and a man who has won the Champions League four times. He is a real “galactico”. There have never been such people in Tottenham, although at one time Levy tried to sign Rivaldo and Andriy Shevchenko.

It seems that with the new stadium, a new era has begun for the club and Levy, who is no longer afraid to make high-profile signatures. He invited José Mourinho and Amazon operators to the club, who filmed a documentary about one of the most difficult seasons in the modern history of Londoners. Even women’s football does not go unnoticed: just recently, Alex Morgan, a real superstar, moved to Tottenham.

Spurs are now different. It is a fact. This is a club that is ready to break the hegemony of the old grandees.

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