Almost all big clubs are hunting for promising youth. Right now, Bayern and Barcelona are fighting for Ajax fullback Serginho Dest. This is just one example, as it is now well known. Scouts are constantly looking for and finding young talents who can become stars. Then the clubs, at their own peril and risk, invest serious sums in them, hoping for a return in both game and financial terms. These performers will now be discussed. Next – the 7 most expensive transfers of football players under the age of 19. If you would like to know the predictions for the upcoming football matches, then on the site you can find predictions from the best analysts.

Fabiu Silva (18 years old; 40 million euros)

fresh ”transfer. Silva just a few years ago moved from Porto to Wolverhampton for 40 million euros. Apparently, Nunu Espirito Santo believed too much in his compatriot. Fabiu spent only 1 incomplete season in the first team of “dragons”. The young Portuguese played 12 matches for his club and scored one goal. At the same time, before the transition to the “wolves”, the forward already had 5 fights and 3 goals scored for the Portugal U-19 national team.

Frankly speaking, few people from a wide circle of football fans knew about Silva until he signed Wolverhampton. The Wolves set their own transfer record, signed the 18-year-old striker. The club paid just 2 million less for Raul Jimenez, who scored 17 goals in the Premier League in his first season. Of course, no one expects such performance from Silva right away, but the guy must prove himself during the current campaign, otherwise he may face serious pressure from fans and the media.

Vinicius Junior (18 years old; 45 million euros)

Just over two years ago, Real Madrid paid Flamengo 45 million euros for a promising 18-year-old winger. At the same time, in the 2018/19 season, Vinicius began to be recruited to the matches for the first team, Blancos. In general, the Brazilian performed well. In his first Madrid season, Vinicius played 31 appearances for the creamy in all competitions, chalked up 3 goals and 12 assists. Not bad performance for a beginner, especially for a young player.

Вложение на перспективу: 7 самых дорогих переходов молодых игроков

By the age of 20, Vinicius had already played 70 matches for the first team of Real Madrid. This is more than, for example, Sergio Regilon, who left for Tottenham, who is a graduate of the Royal Club. At the same time, the Brazilian is still fighting for a place at the base. Zinedine Zidane does not always trust a young winger with a place on the pitch. Last season, the footballer spent a little more than one half on the field on average, which, of course, did not make him very happy. Vinicius has a serious competitor for a place on the field – Marco Asensio, but he still has time to continue the fight.

Rodrigo (18 years old; 45 million euros)

Following his policy , “Real” drew attention to another promising Brazilian. It was Santos winger Rodrigo. As a result, the “creamy” issued the transfer of the 18-year-old football player for 45 million euros in July 2019. By that time, the player had 49 matches for the “fish”, 10 goals and 5 assists. The “creamy” young performer was interested in that he could play on both flanks of the attack, as well as in the position of the center forward.

Rodrigo’s first season at Real was good. The Brazilian has played 26 appearances for Blancos in all competitions, having chalked up 7 goals and 3 assists. The best for the footballer at the moment is the fight against Galatasaray in the Champions League, when he scored a hat-trick and gave an assist. So far, Rodrigo hasn’t played too much, but the situation may change with the departure of Lucas Vasquez. The Spaniard is essentially the only competitor for the Brazilian right winger. If the club never renews his contract, Rodrigo will definitely have more options.

Anthony Martial (19; € 60m)

Martial had a punchy year at AS Monaco in 2014/15. At that time, the 19-year-old striker had scored 12 goals and had 5 assists in 48 games for the Monegasques. Manchester United drew attention to the player. As a result, the Mankunians formalized the player’s transfer at the end of the same season. AS Monaco made great money on the Martial transfer. The Monegasques bought the striker from Lyon for 5 million euros, and after 2 years sold him to the British for 60 million.

Вложение на перспективу: 7 самых дорогих переходов молодых игроков

Martial scored 11 goals in his first season in Foggy Albion and gave 5 assists in Premier League matches. But after that, the Frenchman’s performance declined, and with it his playing time. Only last season, the footballer began to revive. The forward has scored 17 goals and 7 assists in 32 Premier League games. Martial is still expected to be stable and perform well. In the 2020/21 campaign, the Frenchman must convince Manchester United management with his game not to buy a new center forward.

Matthijs de Ligt (19; € 85m)

In July 2019, Juventus paid Ajax 85 million euros for the 19-year-old defender. A month later, when de Ligt turned 20, he was already playing in Serie A. Clubs usually pay that kind of money only for exceptional players, so the Dutchman’s transfer to the Turin club caused a lot of resonance. At the same time, the decision of the Bianconeri could not be called rash. By the age of 19, the guy had played 117 matches for Ajax and was the team captain. In Turin, he was supposed to be the successor to Giorgio Chiellini.

De Ligt immediately became a base player in Juventus, as Chiellini was seriously injured and was out for a long time. The first few months turned out to be difficult for the Dutchman. The young defender was regularly wrong, receiving criticism from fans and the media. The then coach of the Bianconeri, Maurizio Sarri, openly stated that de Ligt would not have played in every game if Chiellini were in the ranks. But the guy steadfastly withstood the transition period. By the end of the season, when Matthijs suffered a shoulder injury, his absence was already called a big loss for the team.

João Felisch (19 years old; 126 million euros)

Transition Felicha at Atlético eclipsed even the theme of Antoine Griezmann’s departure from the same club. The Mattress Makers paid € 126 million for the 19-year-old striker who only spent one season in Benfica’s first team. The young footballer played really impressively for the Eagles. For example, in the 2018/19 season, the forward scored 20 goals and gave 11 assists in 43 games for the Lisbon club. This is how he caught the attention of Atletico.

Вложение на перспективу: 7 самых дорогих переходов молодых игроков

However, the first season in Madrid for Felish cannot be called successful. First, it was difficult for the Portuguese to integrate into the mattress game. Secondly, he was constantly haunted by injuries. As a result, Felish scored only 9 goals in 36 games for the entire season, which is not a good indicator for a center forward. The young striker should do better in the 2020/21 campaign. Soon the Portuguese will get Luis Suarez as a partner, from whom he will be able to learn a lot in training. And the footballer himself will be over-motivated, given the setbacks of last season.

Kilian Mbappe (18; 145 million euros)

PSG loves to make high-profile deals. Just a year after spending a record € 222m on Neymar, the Parisians paid Monaco € 145m for the 18-year-old striker. PSG’s interest in the young Frenchman was understandable. Mbappe has shown himself excellently both in Ligue 1 and in European competitions. The young striker regularly scored in the French championship, and helped the Monegasques defeat Bayern and Manchester City in the Champions League.

Mbappe’s acquisition fully paid off. Already in the first season, Kilian scored 39 goals for PSG in all competitions. The forward has scored in almost every national league game and regularly helped his team with goals in the Champions League. For 2 seasons, the striker has already scored 91 goals for the Parisians and gave 51 assists. Mbappe is now the top scorer of his team and a coveted player for many clubs. So far, PSG has managed to keep the player on board. But everyone understands that sooner or later Kilian will leave. Moving a Frenchman from Paris to Madrid is only a matter of time.

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