His captain Kepu Arrisabalagu. But there is nothing good in such an outrageous gloating. Here one has only to sympathize. Chelsea had a real flop, and the Spaniard was so bad that he lost the starting spot to 38-year-old Willie Caballero.

The Blues were looking for a reliable goalkeeper, but they got a scandalous delivery man with a stunningly inflated ego and the manners of a juvenile bully. The Spanish guard spent almost the entire last season at the base and only at the end of the 19/20 campaign sat down on the bench. Veteran Willie Caballero was framed, but his performance also left much to be desired. Privots and bloopers remained, and only the model standing at the last London frontier was corrected.

Obviously, the percentage of reflected strikes from Kepa and Caballero turned out to be simply scanty (54 and 59, respectively). By comparison, championship Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson pulled 72% of the goals that went into the net. Both London guards showed their incompetence and it became clear that Chelsea needed a good quality goalkeeper.

The aristocrats had been looking for such a guard for a long time. “Blue” turned their attention to the stars, like the same Ian Cloud, and much more budget options in the form of Mehndi or Onana. However, considering the 223 million already spent, it is quite logical that the “aristocrats” chose the Rennes goalkeeper. And the bosses of the “aristocrats” have not forgotten about the 80 million thrown to the wind to strengthen the last line.

As a result, the French Rennes goalkeeper Edouard Mendy will almost certainly go to Chelsea. The price tag for a 28-year-old Senegalese is quite acceptable (in the region of 20-25 million), and Londoners will finally have a relatively reliable goalkeeper in their ranks. So far, everything looks really great and, most importantly, it is quite affordable for the “aristocrats” who have been wasted recently.

Менди пакует чемоданы в Лондон: почему это может не помочь

Last season added even more pluses to Edward. Mendy, however, like the rest of Rennes, gave a great performance, and the team even made it to the Champions League. And the Senegalese became one of the main creators of this success. According to the results of the championship, Mendy was in 2nd place in the least number of conceded goals per game (0.8), in 4th – in the number of clean sheets (9) and on average hit 76% of the shots in 90 minutes. Sounds pretty presentable.

His anthropometric data also speaks for the Senegalese. If Kepa and Caballero have a relatively miniature 186 cm, then Mendy stretched right up to 197 and this is a definite plus when it comes to acquiring a new goalkeeper. With regards to his reaction and playing on the standards, everything here is also at an excellent level. And the indicator of “expected conceded goals after shots on goal” for the Senegalese is not bad (+1.7). For example, at the same Kepa, he froze at the terrible mark of minus 9.6. This means that Mendy often rescued Rennes, while the Spaniard made several unforced mistakes and deprived the “blue” points in the last campaign.

But with all the advantages, Mehndi has its drawbacks, even in comparison with the same Arrisabalaga. Firstly, it is a very hesitant kick. Only 52% of Edward’s passes found their addressees. Londoners will have to give up a large number of transfers to their new goalkeeper, so as not to expose the gate to such a serious risk. Secondly, Mendy often hits the projectile in front of him, making it possible to finish it off into the net from a too advantageous position. Yes, such blots are found in almost everyone, even a star goalkeeper, but they are much smaller than in a 28-year-old Senegalese. In addition, Mendy’s career had an exclusively French flavor, and in Ligue 1, he, and at all, began to play only in the 2018/19 season. Before that, the Senegalese conquered the open spaces of the modest League 2. And whether Edward will be able to adapt to the tough, demanding Premier League is a big question.

Менди пакует чемоданы в Лондон: почему это может не помочь

And now it’s worth talking about the future of Mehndi in the English grande more meaningfully. Perhaps Edouard will indeed take post number 1 for himself and will not give Kepe a chance. However, based on the recent interview with Frank Lampard after the victory over Brighton (3: 1), it is far from the fact that the Senegalese will immediately get the opportunity to prove himself. And it is not at all clear whether he will be able to use it. Franky still supports the Spanish guards and Edward will definitely not be able to easily win a place at the base of the “blue”.

In any case, the arrival of Mehndi will definitely bring competition on the last frontier of the “blue”. And here there are two options: either the Senegalese will leave Kepu out of business and drag, or the Spaniard himself will finally open up and start showing the class. Oh no. There is also a third, most disastrous option, in which Lampard will never get himself a reliable, stable goalkeeper, and the “aristocrats” will again throw millions in vain. But the Blues’ fans had better not think about him.

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