The “golden” Catalan generation, which reached its peak during Guardiola’s time, left their native Camp Nou beautifully. Barcelona saw off Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta with loud honors and continuous applause, and each of the players held the trophies they had just won.

Catalan fans only reproached and mocked their “creamy” counterparts: “This is how you should see off your legends!”. For example, Raul and Casillas left Real Madrid rather sadly, without appropriate honors and applause.

The current Barca do not need legends

But, as it turns out, this good tradition is gradually fading away for Barca. It’s easy to pay tribute when you’re at the top and it’s very difficult now, in a time of wild chaos and chaos in leadership. It seems that the current Barcelona can easily throw their legends to the dump, and they will receive nothing but monetary compensation and a couple of farewell platitudes on the Internet.

Rakitic’s six years at Blaugran are nothing! Hurry out, Vanya! The best player in the world decides to leave the ranks of his native club – wait, you have obligations under the contract, and you have to work it out. It was Luis Suarez’s turn to feel all the impudence and recklessness of the current leadership.

Ronald Koeman came to Barça and Suarez was the first to whom the Dutch “sergeant” immediately showed the door. If you believe the insider, the conversation between the new mentor and Luis lasted less than a minute, and Koeman’s message was something like: “As for me, you can stay, but the club does not need you.” Suarez was given an ultimatum: either he says goodbye to Catalonia and finds himself a new job until October 5, or remains in the stands until the end of the season. And this, despite the impressive annual salary of the Uruguayan of 25 million euros.

Suarez gave the club his prime

You will say, well, Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta are somewhat different. It’s one thing, pupils who have given the club their entire European career. And a completely different – bought legionnaire from the outside. But isn’t six years spent at Barcelona, ​​heaps of goals and trophies brought in, not enough to do the same with El Pistolero? Or is the legend’s unofficial status now determined by ethnicity and length of time in the club? Although with this, the Uruguayan is all right.

Суарес – легенда «Барселоны», но уходит из клуба изгоем

Luis spent his best football years on the Catalans, having played 191 games for the club in the championship alone. That’s more than Kluivert, Stoichkov, Laudrup, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Eto’o and Cruyff – an impressive list, isn’t it? It’s funny that there is only one match missing before Ronald Koeman. Perhaps that is why he is so eager to quickly get rid of the 33-year-old striker.

And as far as his direct duties are concerned, Suarez was simply great here. In terms of the number of cans shipped, El Pistolero is the third in the history of Barcelona. Ahead of the Uruguayan are Cesar Rodriguez, who just retired in 1955, and his little friend from Rosario with amazing talent and absolutely remarkable abilities.
In its long history, Barça has taken treble only twice. And, if the first can be confidently called the name of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, then in the second, in addition to the Argentine, his partners in attack Suarez and Neymar made a significant contribution.

In the 2014/15 season, the Uruguayan was completely furious and even won the Golden Boot, which Leo and Cristiano played between themselves for a decade. Then El Pistolero shot 40 goals in the championship – an achievement that Messi conquered only twice.

Another advantage of Louis was that he knew how to solve important matches. It is he who is the formal author of the winning year in the last Champions League final against Juventus. But to emphasize the special value of Luis for Barcelona, ​​it is worth reflecting only one important fact. Suarez scored 11 goals in Clásico (more than Karim Benzema, Hugo Sánchez and Ivan Zamorano). In addition to the abnormal 2020, there is not a single year when Luis has not sent at least one can to the goal of Real Madrid.

Суарес – легенда «Барселоны», но уходит из клуба изгоем

Barça acquired Suarez as the top scorer in the Premier League and one of the best strikers on the planet. But now, when I remember the 82 million price tag, he looks not just sparing, but also released at a healthy discount provided in Merseyside. Blaugrana recruited a terrific striker who had an excellent relationship with Leo Messi and brought the club so many joyous, “golden” moments.

El Pistolero is banished to Atletico

For the first time that Suarez is no longer so cool and he needs a replacement, they started talking a couple of seasons ago. Then rumors spread about the arrival of Lautaro Martinez, and the Uruguayan, realizing that he needed a rest, humbly awaited the arrival of a new striker. The young Argentinian never ended up at Barça, but Suarez still came to the court, and has already agreed on the terms of a personal contract with Atlético.

And here it is worth discarding all club preferences and obstacles: Luis has there was simply no choice but to move to a direct competitor. The move to Juventus failed, and among the other contenders there were only mattress makers.

And now the Uruguayan will definitely fit into Diego Simeone’s gang. He still scores a lot (21 + 10 in Luis’s incomplete 2019/20 season). Suarez’s problem is that he has turned into a “standing” striker. If the first years in Catalonia, Luis always played the role of the first defender and brazenly climbed into the pressure, now he just stands and waits for his chance to issue the next scabbard. But Barça already have Leo Messi, who is equally passive in defense, and Koeman simply does not need a second player of this kind. “Mattress makers” can still afford such a luxury.

But did Suarez deserve, having issued 198 goals and 109 assists, such a departure from Barcelona? Definitely not. Luis leaves the club not of his own free will, he is kicked out, not paying attention to all that he did for Blaugrana. And the only thing I want to do in such a situation is to wish Suarez health and good luck in Madrid. Let Luis ship a couple of splashes at Ter Stegen’s gate and celebrate powerfully. He definitely deserves it!

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