Thiago may have played for the national teams of three countries, but he chose Spain. He grew up at the Barcelona academy but became a star at Bayern Munich. What else is worth knowing about an outstanding midfielder?

1. Doomed to become a football player

We can say that Thiago was born with a ball in his hands. His father is Iomar do Nascimento, or simply Mazinho, a former legendary Brazilian footballer who won the World Cup in 1994. Then, in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands, he, plus Romario and Bebeto, presented the world with one of the first “viral” videos, in which the trinity, as a goal marking in unison, seemed to “lull” the newborn baby Bebeto.

2. Multicultural person

Thiago is a person who is close to a variety of cultures. Since his father was an eminent footballer, the family moved constantly, and as a child, Thiago, born in Italy, traveled all over the world. And he began studying football in Rio de Janeiro, at the Flamengo academy. After that, he moved to Spain. In 2005, at the age of 14, he ended up in Barcelona.

At the national team level, Thiago could have defended the colors of Italy or Brazil, but he chose Spain – even despite his father’s indignation. “I grew up in Spain,” Thiago explained. What else can I say?

3. Why is he always there?

Did you know that Mario Balotelli could have ended up in the Barcelona academy? The scandalous Italian auditioned in 2006 and immediately became friends with Thiago at Barça. And even though Super Mario did not get to La Masia, he did not forget his friend: when, after the debut of the newly-made Spaniard (then his rival was Italy), the press was surrounded by the press, suddenly the uninvited Mario entered the lens, declaring to the whole world that his friend was “ el más grande “- the greatest.

Тьяго Алькантара: Десять фактов о новом маэстро «Ливерпуля»

4. Made in La Masia

Thiago received his football lessons in the same place as Andres Iniesta and Xavi. He made his debut for Barcelona in the 2008/09 season, as part of Pep Guardiola’s first (and most successful) season.

In the 2012/13 season, Thiago surprised everyone by moving to Bayern, the team where Guardiola was preparing to work. However, even now the midfielder is friendly with his former teammates Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba and Marc Bartra.

5. Distinguished brother

Another well-known team-mate with whom Thiago is sure to keep in touch is his brother Rafinha, who is still in the “Blaugran”. Unlike the Liverpool player, Rafinha plays for the Brazilian national team. We can only sympathize with Valeria – their mother, who has a hard time during the world championships.

Тьяго Алькантара: Десять фактов о новом маэстро «Ливерпуля»

6. Memorable first goal

Thiago scored his first goal for Bayern in the 2013 FIFA Club World Cup final, against Moroccan Rabat Casablanca. Bets on this match could be made on the Parimatch bookmaker’s website –, as well as on future football matches. Thanks to him, the team took a 2-0 lead and won Pep’s second trophy in six months.

7. Any manager’s dream

Despite the fact that Guardiola chose Manchester City as his next club, Thiago was in no hurry to move. Moreover, under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti, he delivered his best season of his career, playing almost double the previous season, and scoring six goals and making five assists.

Тьяго Алькантара: Десять фактов о новом маэстро «Ливерпуля»

“What can I say about Thiago? He is the dream of any coach, ”said Bayern coach Niko Kovacs. “We have an excellent set of outstanding midfielders, but he is the heart of the whole team, a player who can do anything with the ball.”

8. An incredible techie

Thiago is known for his technique and spectacular passes. And he is also a true master of the passing, which is proved by statistics: in each of the last six seasons the Spaniard has boasted at least 90% passing accuracy.

9. Santa’s Helper

Film Even the Great Make Mistakes. In the Bundesliga match against RB Leipzig on December 21, 2016, the Bavaria six took the ball in midfield, but his pass turned out to be blurry, and the opponents immediately rushed to the attack. Fortunately for him, the ownership was preserved through the efforts of Bernath. Amusingly, at the moment of the unsuccessful blow, an advertising image of Santa Claus appeared on the stadium scoreboard. In the following days, all the German media were full of headlines about the “new helper of St. Nicholas.”

10. Alcantara Foundation

Thiago (with his brother, father, mother and wife) founded the Alcantara Family Foundation, whose mission is to help disadvantaged children get an education. “Sport can influence many different aspects of life,” Thiago believes.

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