The transition to the “toffee” camp of the central midfielder “Napoli” Allan was much calmer. But do not be surprised if in the end the Brazilian will play a much more important role in the new season than the promoted and stellar Colombian. It is no coincidence that the rumors wooed Allan to Juventus, Inter, Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham – this player will have something to show at Goodison Park.

The first persistent steps into the world of professional football Allan started doing at Vasco da Gama. Obviously, he very well remembered and heeded the words of the former president of this club, Ciro Aranha, who flaunted at the entrance in front of the stadium “San Januario”: “As long as there is a young heart, Vasco will always be immortal.”

Already At the age of 19, Allan became one of those who played a key role in the return of Vasco da Gama to the elite of Brazilian football – Serie A. Only injuries prevented the young midfielder from having an impressive next season, but in 2011 Allan returned to his previous level, and even managed to win the World Youth Championship (U-20) together with the Brazilian national team.

Allan’s successful play at home led to the fact that in the summer of 2012 he was acquired by the Italian Udinese, who did not regret the deal of 3 million euros … The Little Zebras have long earned a reputation as a club that loves and knows how to work in the market for young South American talent. Therefore, when Allan immediately started playing in Udinese, becoming a footballer of the first team, it was a revelation for some, but more advanced specialists only once again noted the quality of the club from Udine with promising overseas youth.

In the first season of Allana in Italy, Udinese finished in a high fifth place in the Serie A standings, and the midfielder himself became the team leader in terms of the number of ball tackles and assists. The ability of the Brazilian to “clean up” and exclude the leaders of the rival teams from the game was impressive. In particular, in February 2015 Udinese played a draw with Juventus (0: 0) at home, and Allan, according to experts, completely closed Paul Pogba, from whom many problems were expected for the “little zebras” before the fight. At the end of that match, La Repubblica recognized Allan as the best footballer in the game, and then Udinese coach Andrea Stramaccioni said that the Brazilian “is already one of the best midfielders in European football.”

Зачем «Эвертону» Аллан, и почему «Наполи» вовремя продал хавбека

It is not at all surprising that, against such a background, a persistent buyer soon appeared on the horizon, who bought Allan’s contract from Udinese for 11.5 million euros. This is how the Brazilian ended up in Napoli, where Maurizio Sarri, with the help of a new recruit, created an ideal trio of midfielders – Allan, Jorginho, Hamshik. At the mercy of the first was given the destruction of the opponent’s attacks, as well as the quick transfer of the ball to his partners in the middle line, whose duties already included direct interaction with the attacking players.

The first season in Naples was incredibly successful for Allan. The midfielder had 35 out of 38 matches, scored 3 goals and 5 assists, and also became the leader in Serie A in terms of the number of ball tackles (109). Largely thanks to this, “Napoli” managed to concede 22 goals at once in the 2015/16 season than in the previous championship. In addition, the Neapolitans moved up to second place from fifth …

In the summer of 2018, a castling took place on the Napoli coaching bridge. Maurizio Sarri, who left for Chelsea, was replaced by the legendary Carlo Ancelotti, who over the past two decades worked exclusively with the giants (Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich) … Obviously, it was then that Allan’s game fell into the soul of an experienced mentor, who now wanted to see the Brazilian in his Everton.

Interestingly, Ancelotti in Napoli preferred to play according to the 4-4-2 system, which now actively uses it at Everton. With this arrangement, the mentor managed to take the maximum from Allan – of all the players who played in Serie A-2018/19 for more than 900 minutes, it was the Brazilian midfielder Napoli that was the leader in the number of ball tackles in terms of 90 minutes of net playing time (3.16 ).

Last year’s Everton sorely lacked just such a “steel” performer in the center of the field, which was Allan at Ancelotti in Napoli. For example, Gylfi Sigurdsson took the ball more often than others in the butterscot camp in the 2019/20 Premier League, but his average match score is absolutely not impressive (1.48) against the background of the figure that Allan showed at Napoli under Ancelotti – it is half that …

And yet we must not forget about the skillful organization of pressing, with which Allan, together with his partners at Napoli, coped very well. Although it is by no means worth saying that Everton’s Brazilian newcomer is purely a defensive player. For example, in the last Serie A draw, Allan had an average of 8.5 assists per match in the last third of the field and 2.2 assists into the opponent’s penalty area. Everton’s leader in terms of these indicators is Andre Gomes, but his numbers still look more modest: 5.68 in the last third and 1.4 assists per game in the penalty area.

Зачем «Эвертону» Аллан, и почему «Наполи» вовремя продал хавбека

However, Everton fans have something to worry about in terms of this transition. It is far from a fact that Allan will be able to transfer such high game performance, which he showed in Serie A, and to the Premier League. In Italy, midfielders often have a little more time to control the ball and make decisions. The difference in this can be seen in the game of Lucas Torreira, who in Sampdoria averaged 6 assists to the final third of the field, but in Arsenal this figure fell to 2.7.

In addition , Allan cannot boast of solid anthropometry, which is also important for the midfielder’s play in the Premier League. The growth of the Brazilian is only 175 centimeters, which is why he rarely enters into horse martial arts (on average – 1.3 per match), although he is effective in them (60% – won). However, due to skillful positional play, Allan is quite capable of neutralizing this shortcoming, forcing critics to forget about him forever.

In general, now everything looks like Everton has got one of the best central midfielders in its ranks Europe for the past 5 years, especially among those who have not played in top clubs (with all due respect to Napoli, but in Italy these are Milan, Inter, and the crisis Milan is still quoted very, very high). How did the Neapolitans manage to get such a performer, who was previously rumored to be associated with Juventus, Inter and Paris Saint-Germain?

The fact is that the relationship between Allan and Napoli ”In the last season gradually began to deteriorate. It all started in November, when the President of the Neapolitan Aurelio De Laurentiis decided to fine the team 2.5 million euros, and it was Allan who paid the most (200 thousand euros). Failed to improve relations with the Brazilian and Gennaro Gattuso. When the mentor was asked why he left Allan in reserve for the February match against Cagliari, he simply said: “Because he did not train as I told him.”

In total, in the 2019/20 season, Allan played 23 games in Serie A – this is absolutely the minimum figure for a Brazilian since the moment of his move to Europe, which happened eight years ago. All of this indicated that Allan’s time at Napoli was up. For the Neapolitan club, most likely, the current opportunity to sell the Brazilian for decent money was one of the last. Next January, the midfielder will be 30 years old, which means that his value will only fall in the future. Therefore, De Laurentiis did not give up the chance to sell Allan for decent money, which, of course, is 25 million euros from Everton.

However, the fact that the toffee helped make good business for Napoli “Does not mean that the British got a second-rate footballer. On the contrary, with all the abundance of midfielders at Everton, there is little doubt that Allan will be one of the key performers in Ancelotti’s team. At least, this will be so if the Brazilian continues to play with the same “young heart” that started his career in Vasco da Gama at San Jeanuario …

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