The main result of the tour – the reigning champion returned to the top of the tournament peloton in the status of the sole leader. The main achievement of the tour is that there were three leaders at once. He opened the seventh game in the status of favorite “Spartak”, then “Sochi” climbed to the first place, and the first position of “Zenith” was crowned the game weekend.

Russian Premier League standings

Southern zeal

While the Spartak team were preparing for the Moscow derby with CSKA, Sochi was able to do what its fans could only dream of not so long ago in the sweetest dream. Vladimir Fedotov’s team paid a visit to Grozny, where they achieved a minimal victory over the local Akhmat. Noboa’s goal in the middle of the first half was the only one in the meeting and victorious for the southerners – 1: 0.

«Зенит» вновь первый, или три лидера за тур. 7-й игровой день в РПЛ остался позади

Sochi won in the capital of the Chechen Republic, one might say, contrary to logic. Fedotov’s team had possession of the ball only 38% of the playing time, struck six shots at Akhmat’s goal, and hit the target only once. But this single accurate “shot” was enough for the guests to neutralize the 62% possession of the ball by the players of “Akhmat”, as well as their 15 shots at once on goal, of which six were aimed. Truly: the quality has surpassed the quantity.

Derby according to the “army” scenario

Spartak, who stunned many in the Sochi RPL, a day later could descend from the skies. But for this the team of Domenico Tedesco had not to beat the conditional “Akhmat” in Grozny, but to achieve a positive result in the derby with CSKA. Moreover, in a duel on the opponent’s field. And that was an order of magnitude more difficult.

However, the Spartak team was initially given its implementation – already in the 11th minute, Ponce made a great shot from the penalty area into the nine of Akinfeev’s goal. However, even before the break, Viktor Goncharenko’s wards not only returned to the game, but also took the lead. First Magnusson, and then Vlašić signed behind Maksimenko’s back.

«Зенит» вновь первый, или три лидера за тур. 7-й игровой день в РПЛ остался позади

After the break, Spartak had possession of the ball as much as 81% of the playing time, struck five shots on goal against four in the army, but could not score yet. And the home team could. Already in stoppage time, Edzhuke distinguished himself. 3: 1. Even the debut appearance as part of Kokorin did not help Spartak, who replaced Bakaev in the midst of the second half of the game.

Zenit take off

What could not to make “Spartak”, after the Monday match against Tula “Arsenal”, “Zenith” brought to life. Sergei Semak’s team in front of their fans held another high-quality match, and achieved a comfortable victory with a score of 3: 1. It should be noted that the initiative for the victory of the Petersburgers was put in the premier goal for Mostovoy’s team, then Dzyuba scored his second goal of the season and 120th in the Russian championships, and Erokhin became the author of the control “shot”.

The champion’s mentor after the game said that a dashing intrigue almost spun in the duel, when in the 60th minute Kovalev got into the far corner perfectly in Kerzhakov’s outflank. But Semak was more cunning, trying to find some kind of positive for the opponent than his words really answered reality. In general, a comfortable and confident victory helped Zenit take the top of the tournament peloton with 16 points. In addition, St. Petersburg residents have the greatest number of victories in the RPL-2020/2021 (five in seven games) and the best performance indicator in the league together with CSKA (13 goals each). Leader, in one word.

Pique Lokomotiv

By the way, Zenit interrupted the two-legged streak without victories with a victory over Arsenal. On the other hand, Lokomotiv on the tour brought its series of fights without winnings to five meetings. This time, Marko Nikolic’s team blundered in Rostov. The final zeros on the scoreboard became the saddest result in the last round. In other fights the audience could see at least one goal, but they could see it.

«Зенит» вновь первый, или три лидера за тур. 7-й игровой день в РПЛ остался позади

However, 0: 0 is exactly the result that fully reflects what was happening on the field of Rostov Arena … The opponents played an approximately equal game with a rather bland completion of their attacking efforts. Evidence? Only four for two accurate hits per fight. At the same time, the Rostovites before the break had never aimed a shot, and the “railroad workers” responded in kind in the second half of the match.

“Golepads” in Yekaterinburg and Saransk

Unlike match in Rostov, in Yekaterinburg in the game “Ural” – “Khimki” goals were scored as many as four times. On the double from Bikfalvi and the goal performed by Strandberg, the guests from the Moscow region responded with a productive kick from Koryan. 3: 1 – “Urals” won, which helped them to slightly reduce their tension after two games without victories. But in Khimki there is really something to think about, because the team in the elite is convincingly pasturing. At the same time, it is practically hopeless.

«Зенит» вновь первый, или три лидера за тур. 7-й игровой день в РПЛ остался позади

Next to Khimki in the standings is another newcomer – Rotor. In the last round, the team of Belarusian Alexander Khatskevich had to go through a small shock in the form of the cancellation of the home match against Krasnodar. The reason for this decision by the RPL administration was the surge in the incidence of coronavirus in the Volgograd team. Based on this, Rotor will most likely receive a technical defeat, and Krasnodar will win.

In order not to be in the company of outsiders, Tambov had to beat Ufa in a nominally home game in Saransk. The “wolves” coped with the task, and with 7 points moved up to a comfortable 12th place.

“Red” battle in Petrovsky Park

Unexpectedly, the match between “Dynamo” and “Rubin” received a special status in the tour. The hosts had a bold start to the season and were determined to continue their forward momentum. However, Kazan turned out to be not a timid ten, but as a result the team gave a real “fighter” with three deletions.

«Зенит» вновь первый, или три лидера за тур. 7-й игровой день в РПЛ остался позади

New “Ruby” Despotovich brought his team forward in the middle of the first half. “Dynamo” rushed to recoup so zealously that at the beginning of the second half Komlichenko got two warnings in four minutes. In the minority, the Muscovites could not turn the tide of the match, and already in stoppage time, the nerves first let the player of “Rubin” Hwang In Bom, and then the defender of the owners Parshivlyuk. As a result, the minimum winning team from Kazan moved up to fifth place, ahead of Dynamo and Rostov in additional indicators.

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